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My Background:

I was born in Bordeaux France (where, I believe, the greatest wine in the world is made, although some wines from the Alsace region come really close :), where I currently work as a MIS.

My Interests:

my bike Martial arts (karate Shotokan style): I am currently nidan, have been practicing for 19 years. My favorite katas are gankaku and sochin. I also have the french DIF (Federal Instructor Diploma), which allows me to officially teach and further improve my skills in the process (I need all the help I can get ;-).
My bike: a BMW R1200S. My favorite bike (does not exist yet): 100 bhp, 750cc or less, high revving, air and oil cooled 3 cylinder in-line, shaft driven, 160 kilograms, with ABS and heated grips (because I also ride in winter ;-).
Also: Blues music (especially electric) and movies (especially sci-fi) (they both help me move away from the real world for a while), programming in Open Source environment (see below).

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