This is a SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) trap module, which requires the Tnm Tcl extension package (from the Scotty Tcl extension software) to be installed on the computer, with the included straps daemon running (automatically launched when the module is started if running with root privileges).
Note: this module was successfully tested on UNIX but not on Windows.

Data is initially displayed in one empty table, filled as events (traps or inform requests) arrive. The leftmost column contains row numbers, with the new (latest) event always placed at row 0, and the old events shifted 1 row down.
Note: since the new event is always at row index 0, it is easy to either use it in a threshold entry and have its value emailed to the network manager, processed by the user defined script, or stored in the history database, for example.

Additional event information in the form of SNMP objects sent along is displayed in 2 columns: one with the identifiers, the other with the corresponding values, arranged in as many lines as there are objects.

Of course, you can, as with any other moodss module, specify several instances of this module in the command line to monitor as many SNMP peers as desired.

This document includes extracts from the Scotty documentation. The Scotty software is copyrighted by Juergen Schoenwaelder, the Technical University of Braunschweig, the University of Twente and other parties (please refer to the Scotty license for further information).

Module options:


$ moodss snmptrap -a --version 2C
$ moodss snmptrap -a --mibs rfc1213.mib