This is a view of processor activity, analogous to the ps module but with data aggregated by user name, for Linux and FreeBSD based machines.
For example, a single line of data will show the CPU usage, memory usage and possibly number of files summed for all the processes belonging to the user jdoe.
Note that the memory usage and real size are approximated when there are several instances of the same program running, as some of the memory used is shared among the instances, preventing accurate calculations in determining which part of the total memory can be attributed to which user. For example, it is possible that the addition of all the cells in the memory column gives more than 100 percent.

Note: for FreeBSD, the Linux compatibiliy proc filesystem must be available in /compat/linux/proc (see --proc option below).

Module options:

Notes on remote monitoring:


$ moodss psbyuser -r
$ moodss psbyuser -r ssh://
$ moodss psbyuser --remote --all
$ moodss psbyuser -u root,jdoe --files
$ moodss psbyuser --users 0 -r