This module allows the monitoring of several hosts by pinging them, that is sending one or more ICMP echo requests and reporting the round trip time for each host.


view of module tables

Data is displayed in 2 tables:

The list of hosts including specific options is kept in a file (hosts in the ping module directory, by default) passed as an argument to the module, as follows:

Error handling:

When an error occurs communicating with the nmicmpd daemon, a descriptive error message is generated. Displayed data is no longer updated until the daemon becomes reachable again.

Module options:

Hosts file format:

While comment lines begin with the # character, other lines in the file must either be blank or contain the following items, separated by blanks (tabs or spaces):


$ moodss ping
$ moodss ping -f /home/jdoe/hosts.lst
$ moodss ping -r