This is a view of the disks and/or partitions on a Linux machine, with statistics on read and write operations.
On a 2.6 kernel, data is retrieved from the /proc/diskstats special file, whereas on a 2.4 kernel, it uses the /proc/partitions file, which requires the per partition statistics in /proc/diskstats feature to be enabled in the running kernel (that option is available with the 2.4.20 kernel version and above).

Note: see also the disks module for displaying more information on the disks themselves, and the mounts module to display the mounted file systems.

The initial table columns are:

By default, only the disk entries are displayed, but that can be tuned using the options below.

Module options:

Notes on remote monitoring:


$ moodss diskstats --all
$ moodss diskstats --partitions
$ moodss diskstats -r
$ moodss diskstats -a -r ssh://
$ moodss diskstats --remote