This is a view of the network Address Resolution Protocol cache for the system (tested on IPv4 only).

Host addresses are looked up and converted to official names when possible.

Hardware addresses are decoded, with a full name (from the /etc/ethers file if present, read once when the application is started), or with the manufacturer name for the first 3 bytes (from the manuf.txt file in the arp module sub directory).
Note: you may update the manuf.txt file yourself by opening it from the page and saving it as a text file under the manuf.txt name in the arp module sub directory (no editing needed).

Module options:


$ moodss arp --numeric
$ moodss -- arp -n
$ moodss arp -r
$ moodss arp --remote rsh://
$ moodss arp -r ssh://
$ moodss arp --remote