This is a view of extended statistics for an Apache WWW server. The Apache mod_status module must be enabled and the ExtendedStatus directive value set to On in the server configuration.
If the Apache server is not running on this host or not using the default URL for statistics, the remote option described below must be used.
Note: you may also concurrently use the basic apache statistics module.

Data is displayed in 3 tables with the following columns:

*: only available for servers after version 1.3.6.

When there is a communication error with the server, all rows disappear and displayed tables become empty. A descriptive error message is also generated in such a case.

Module options:

In all cases, the module title is set to apachex(host).


$ moodss apachex
$ moodss apachex -r
$ moodss apachex -r
$ moodss apachex --remote
$ moodss apache apachex
$ moodss apache -r apachex -r
$ moodss apachex -r --proxyhost --proxyport 8000